Mr. Wong (37 years old, 10 year-old daughter has emotional problems)
very satisfied, understand the adults ‘ issue affects our child and the whole family.

Miss Jiang (28 years, anxiety and insomnia)
I know my fears and negative emotions and thoughts, will learn to relax.

Mrs Pang (46 years old, husband had an affair)
through interviews, I have a deeper understanding of my own and husband. With mutual understanding, I am aware of the cause of our relational problems. I will forgive him and hope to save our marriage.

Mrs Chan (50 years old, 13 year-old son has school refusal)
Very satisfied, we can identify the core problems. We understand more about the needs of children. As parents, we will cooperate to do the parenting.

A boy (8 years old, psychosomatic problems)
I know my elder brother is very kind to me. I don’t hate him now. If I get on well with him, my body will not complain much. I would like to invite Ms Chung to my birthday party!

Miss Dai (20 years old, depressed)
Mother is depressed and father did not care about her. The family atmosphere is very poor and I’m very unhappy. After the interviews, I understand myself and the family more. My motivation is higher and I have found my direction. I will focus on my study!

Family therapy

Treatment on:

  • Parent-child relationship and children’s emotional/behavioural problems
  • Dating issues, marital relationship, extramarital affairs
  • Mid-life crisis and retirement pressures
  • Psychological problems of the elderly
  • Grief and loss

Individual counselling

  • Counselling on emotional distress and behavioural problems
  • Stress management
  • Seek for goals and abilities
  • Enhance self confidence and interpersonal relationships


  • Parenting skills, marriage and family relationship, stress management, understanding on mood disorders etc.

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