The other main service in Soul Hearing Counselling is Psychotherapy (individual counseling). The service includes:

  • Handle your individual emotional and behavioural problems, such as depression, anxiety, or other mood issues.
  • Stress management
  • Enhance your sense of purpose, direction, and ability
  • Increase your confidence, improve relationships and promote your personal growth

Ring Chung, using cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), art therapy and NLP techniques, together with the systemic perspective, investigates and deal with cases in a deeper personal issues. She will accompany you to have a more comprehensive look at yourself and to find out more for self growth.

Counselling fee: HK$ $1,000 per hour. (Appointment Only)

Examples of Presenting Problems:

  • I lack self-confidence, and feel so useless
  • No significance at my work
  • I don't have goals in life, life is boring
  • I am tired all day, and do not want to do anything, even going to school or work
  • I always worry myself about not good enough, and cannot sleep well
  • I have no friends, no one likes me
  • I am addicted to online network and cannot concentrate to study or work

If you have the above issue(s) or similar experience(s), welcome to make an appointment with the psychotherapist Ms Ring Chung in Soul Hearing Counselling.