Sharing workshop on "Finding Self in Relationship"


Workshop in Berlin, Germany

11th September 2017

Talk / Workshop

Ring Chung loves interacting with parents and brings out positive energy. She has held the parent talks in different kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. The responses were very encouraging.

In addition, Ring has also been invited by an university to share with students on how family therapy deals with the family relationship with adolescents. The participants were very involved.

Ring also works for organizations or associations to conduct different types of sharing and talks.

Who are interested in inviting Ring Chung to your school or your company for talks or workshops, please call Soul Hearing Counselling and Development Centre on 69739190. Thank you for your kind attention.


香港人工作繁忙,生活又緊張 ,加上最近非一般的政治氣氛,很容易令人擔憂和疲累,想找個空間停一停,減減壓、鬆一鬆嗎?

這次聚會,Ring將帶領大家認識各種減壓的方法,學習如何安定自己的情緒,減少焦慮,回復輕鬆的心情,並更得力去面對不同的挑戰。此外,Ring亦會分享一些真實個案,令大家更了解怎樣可從困局中走出來, 活得更快樂。


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Family therapy

Treatment on:

  • Parent-child relationship and children’s emotional/behavioural problems
  • Dating issues, marital relationship, extramarital affairs
  • Mid-life crisis and retirement pressures
  • Psychological problems of the elderly
  • Grief and loss

Individual counselling

  • Counselling on emotional distress and behavioural problems
  • Stress management
  • Seek for goals and abilities
  • Enhance self confidence and interpersonal relationships


  • Parenting skills, marriage and family relationship, stress management, understanding on mood disorders etc.

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